Sofia – a city for people

place.make ‘s team started working on the project “Sofia – a City for People”, led by the Danish Prof. Jan Gehl and his studio Gehl – Making Cities for People.

Studio place.make collaborates with Gehl and Sofia Municipality in the analysis of the urban environment: public space public life survey in the city centre of Sofia. The survey is based on Prof. Gehl and Gehl – Making Cities for People’s methodology and it will serve as a base for development of a strategy for the public spaces in the city centre of Sofia – “Sofia – a city for people”.

Silvia Chakarova, Nurhan Redzheb, Pavel Yanchev, Despina Kaneva, Galina Aleksova, Stela Kaloyanova, Maialen Landa Oregi and Zornitsa Mitkova are part of studio place.make’s team.

You can read more for the project and the team in Projects.