Sofia Tech Park

Location: Sofia

Year: 2016/2017

Team: Nurhan Redzheb, Despina Kaneva, Silvia Chakarova, Marina Mateva, Galia Aleksova, Pavel Yanchev

Partners: АА Architects, Urbanviva, DontDIY, Architektonika Studio

Status: Completed

Sofia Tech Park Masterplan and Design Guidelines 


The main concept for spatial development is to activate the creative networks – spatial relations between different user groups in the area and the interaction among them


  • Developing an attractive environment for work and relax through placing taller buildings in the periphery, and dedicating the heart of the territory to public spaces and smaller buildings
  • Creating an accessible built environment in buildings and public spaces
  • Providing good conditions for walking and cycling
  • Creating a network of shared street spaces
  • Promoting a transition from shared to private spaces through treating buildings’ ground floors as part of the shared spaces. Spaces for restaurants, exhibitions, green areas and recreation are proposed on ground floors and in inner courtyards
  • Using the roofs as additional green space and places for meetings, sport and other activities
  • Connecting the irrigation and lightning systems with a common control centre which automatically manages the consumed resources and allows for analysis and evaluation of the various installations
  • Designating at least 30% of the office space of new administrative buildings for high-tech companies with activities in some of Sofia Tech Park’s priority fields

Here you can browse through the masterplan and design guidelines: