Location: Silistra

Year: 2013

Team: Nurhan Redzheb, Silvia Chakarova, Stela Kaloyanova, Elena Ivanova, Marina Mateva

Partners: Urban Design Consortium (Ivo Petrov Architects and Fortis Facility)

Status: Competition entry – awarded second place

Silistra – Shared Urban Space

As a substantial part of the design work our team used Public Space Public Life Survey /PSPL/ as a tool to gather information and assess existing conditions. Тhat helped us to better understand current trends and imagine the environment which would accommodate the future public life.


Simeon Veliki St. and Dobrudzha St. become livable urban spaces which stimulate active social interaction between people.


  • To create spatial conditions for pedestrian movement
  • To decrease transit car traffic
  • To increase stationary activities
  • To encourage bike use
  • To create network of public spaces along streets and public buildings

Design strategy:

  • Defining different zones with specific characteristics and measures for each of them
  • Redesigning street sections and creating bike lanes
  • Creating shared public space
  • Redesigning Albena Square as an active community park
  • Improving internal courtyard spaces through parking reorganization, new greenery and playgrounds