Share the Neighbourhood

Location: Sofia

Year: 2016

Team: Silvia Chakarova, Nurhan Redzheb, Despina Kaneva, Marina Mateva (as part of the Association of Bulgarian Urban and Regional Planners)

Partners: Association of Bulgarian Urban and Regional Planners, Sredec District of Sofia, IGRAD Association, Transformatori Association, Association of Bulgarian Urban Planning Students

Status: Completed

Share the Neighbourhood

The project “Model for shared development of vital urban environment in Sofia – “Tsar Ivan Assen II” St. and “Yavorov” Quarter”, entitled shortly “Share the Neighbourhood”, is focused on a vital residential area located within a walkable distance from the city centre of Sofia, Bulgaria. It is initiated by the Association of Bulgarian Urban and Regional Planners and represents a collaboration between broad variety of actors – local authority, community, and expert NGOs. The aim of the project is to explore and highlight the identity of the neighbourhood and its major street „Tsar Ivan Assen II“ St. by creating an innovative analytical and participative model for urban development. This was achieved by applying Jan Gehl’s methodology – public space public life survey, and in-depth exploration of different aspects of the urban and social environment. The overall result was a Joint Action Plan for future development of the street and the neighbourhood, and Recommendations for Spatial Development including three development scenarios for „Tsar Ivan Assen II“ St. – (1) business as usual, (2) shared street based on the shared space concept between pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles, and (3) pedestrian street.

The project introduces a new methodology for the Bulgarian planning practice and highlights the importance of the small-scale research and design projects and the community participation in earlier stages of planning.

You can learn more about the project and browse the full booklet at the Association of Bulgarian Urban and Regional Planners’ website.