Old Military School Veliko Tarnovo

Location: Veliko Tarnovo

Year: 2017-2018

Client: Veliko Tarnovo Municipality

Team: Silvia Chakarova, Nurhan Redzheb, Despina Kaneva, Hristo Harlov and Pavel Yanchev

Status: Completed

Old Military School Veliko Tarnovo

In 2017 Veliko Tarnovo Municipality contacted our team to prepare a preliminary urban development study of the Old Military School site in the city of Veliko Tarnovo. The study is needed for a design brief preparation of an international competition which was announced in april 2018.

The immediate vicinity of the old Military School to the city centre is a great potential for the development of a new multifunctional city centre. It could provide possibilities for development of new and enrichment of existing activities and services. This makes the integration of the project area in the city life quite an interesting and challenging task.

You can read the report from the preliminary urban development study below (in Bulgarian):