Koprivshtitsa Masterplan

Location: Koprivshtitsa

Year: 2014/2016

Client: Koprivshtitsa Municipality

Team: Nurhan Redzheb, Silvia Chakarova, Elena Ivanova, Stela Kaloyanova, Marina Mateva, Magdalena Kircheva, Maria Ivanova 

Partners: Fortis Facility, ADM Studio

Status: Completed

Koprivshtitsa Municipality Comprehensive Masterplan

The project main goal is to preserve existing historical heritage and to create opportunities for future development. One of the major goals of the projects is to define form based codes for the city of Koprivshtitsa.

The specific site with abundant listed historic building and sites is a prerequisite for deep analysis of the built environment morphology that helped us to define specific criteria for the future development areas. The overall framework of the plan was to understand existing conditions through qualitative and quantitative research (evidence based design) that helped us to define realistic proposal for future development.

Here you can see the interactive map of the cultural heritage in Koprivshtitsa: