We are a young and innovative team working on urban design, urban planning and research projects based in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2014 Nurhan Redzheb and Silvia Chakarova founded place.make led by the ambition and the motivation to contribute for a good quality projects in the urban planning and design practice.

In our work we collaborate with professionals from different fields and backgrounds sharing values and combining efforts in creating good quality and liveable urban environments. We have passion for people and the way they use, create and interact with our cities.


In our work we integrate innovative methods and approaches to understand the relationship between public life and form in cities. Research and in-situ observations are the first steps in all our projects. We promote urban design and planning led by the human scale and people’s experience. We are dedicated to address both local and global challenges and processes but we always remain sensitive to the specific local context. We consider this approach as a crucial aspect of our work and for the well-being of our cities.

We are dedicated to in-depth understanding of the processes which take place in our cities. We seek collaboration with the different participants in these processes to create places with strong identities that foster social interaction between people.


We work on interdisciplinary projects spanning a variety of scales - from strategic planning and framework plans to volumetric studies and public space design covering entire spectrum of projects related to public realm. 

We work with local and national authorities, private developers, NGO’s and local communities.